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Elder Michael Gowens' 1/20/19 message is based on the narrative of the storm on the Sea of Galilee recorded in Mark 4:35-41. Gowens gleans numerous doctrinal and practical lessons from this passage, not the least of which are these two: (1) Because the Lord Jesus has power to calm the storms we encounter, we must never allow excessive fear to overtake and rule our lives; (2) Because the Lord Jesus possesses greater power than our problems, the best response is to fall before him in reverential worship.
Length 49 mins
On the first Sunday of 2019 (1/6/19), Michael Gowens looks at 1 Corinthians 5:17-21 in a message on the ultimate "new beginning." If the new year will be happy and productive to us as God's people, it is important that we live lives consistent with the new nature that God has implanted in our hearts. Otherwise, we will simply repeat the sins and errors of the kind of people we were before grace made us new.
Length 43 mins
Elder Mike Gowens' 1/13/19 sermon looks at an expression in Exodus 19:6 in which God's people are identified as "a kingdom of priests." Gowens insists that maintaining the balance between the personal privilege of approaching God as a priest and the corporate responsibility of living together with other believers in a kingdom is critical to healthy church life. Understanding the priesthood of each believer challenges the dangerous extreme of clericalism. Understanding the community nature of the kingdom of God curbs the kind of unaccountable extremes that are so prevalent today among religious mavericks who tend to strike out on their own apart from the fellowship of the church. 
Length 49 mins
On the last Sunday of 2018 (12/30), Elder Mike Gowens looks at John 13:1: "Having loved his own which were in the world, he loved them unto the end." This verse is a kind of theme for the unfolding sequence of events revealed in the narrative recorded in John 13-17. The setting is the upper room and the atmosphere is one of tension, bewilderment and uncertainty about the future. Against the dark background of the disciples' weakness, however, the unchanging and undaunted love of Christ is on full display. As we come to the end of one year and the beginning of another, no theme is more sublime and important than the love of Jesus for his own.
Length 47 mins
The Christian gospel is not a message of human ascent to God but of Divine descent to man. In this 12/16/18 sermon, Elder Mike Gowens looks at Philippians 2:5-11, one of the premier Christological passages of the New Testament. Why is the state of Christ's humiliation so important? What exactly did the self-humbling of Christ entail? Just how far down the ladder of humiliation did he descend? It is only as one begins to understand just how much He gave up to save His people from their sins that the true meaning of the incarnation and the cross come into focus. 
Length 50 mins
Elder Michael Gowens' 12/23/18 sermon considers the visit of the Magi and the gifts they brought to the newborn King, as recorded in Matthew 2:1-11. Who were these "wise men"? What was the significance of the gifts they presented to the infant Messiah? Gowens attempts to answer these questions and more in this 51 minute message delivered to the congregation of Bethel PBC on the Sunday before Christmas.
Length 51 mins
In this 11/25/18 sermon from the book of Esther, Elder Michael Gowens highlights the comforting theme of Divine Providence. The message begins with a reading from Esther 6:1-11. This book is distinguished as one of only two books in the canon of Scripture that never once mentions the name of God. But though the name of God is conspicuous by its absence in these pages, the hand of God is at work throughout the narrative. Even so, in our lives, we may not see overt evidence of God's activity, but He is present nonetheless, "standing somewhere in the shadows, keeping watch above His own." Esther reminds us that when God is silent, He is still there, and He is at work.
Length 45 mins
Elder Mike Gowens' 12/2/18 sermon looks at an interesting sentence in Isaiah 41:20 as he continues thoughts introduced last week concerning the Providence of God. The biblical narratives of Moses' birth and Joseph's rise to a position of prominence illustrate the fact that God moves in this world in mysterious ways. Happy is the individual who has learned to recognize when God is at work and to give him the glory for His wise and gracious providential care.
Length 46 mins
On Sunday, 11/18/18, Michael Gowens brought a Thanksgiving message from Psalm 95. The people of God have much for which to praise God in thankful song. When they assemble together in corporate worship, the Lord himself inhabits their praises. Nothing is so soul-cheering and faith-building as the privilege of collective worship with the church.
Length 51 mins
In this message from 10/28/18, Elder Mike Gowens looks at the narrative of the woman who was caught in adultery, recorded in John 8:2-12. The mercy and grace Jesus extends to this woman was just too much grace for the religious leaders among the Jews. It is also too much grace for many people today, but to those who have been taught the plague of their own hearts, Jesus' words of forgiveness are truly the sweetest words ever to touch mortal ears.
Length 49 mins
In this 11/11/18 sermon from Matthew 3:13-17, Elder Michael Gowens considers the narrative concerning the baptism of Jesus Christ. He explains that Jesus was motivated to seek baptism from John the Baptist for three primary reasons: (1) to identify himself with sinners, though Jesus himself needed no repentance; (2) to satisfy every demand of God's righteous law in the stead of His elect; (3) to inaugurate the kingdom of God. The baptism of Christ both depicts the drama of redemption and marks the beginning of the gospel church. It was also the earliest demonstration of Jesus' deity during his public ministry.
Length 49 mins
Elder Mike Gowens' sermon on 11/4/18 focuses on the departing Savior's encouraging promise to send the Holy Spirit, recorded in John 14:15-18. One of the distinguishing marks between the church and the world is our understanding that reality consists of more than meets the eye. A mysterious, unseen Person is at work in our lives, leading, enabling, strengthening, comforting and teaching us. The reality of the presence and power of the Holy Spirit in the lives of God's people is a powerful encouragement while we wait for Jesus to return.
Length 52 mins
On 10/14/18, Mike Gowens continued the "Themes from Ecclesiastes" series by looking at the important theme of "fearing God," one of the dominant motifs of the book. The last two verses of the book, Ecclesiastes 12:13-14, provide the text for this sermon. Gowens begins by describing the decline of respect and reverence in popular culture, and proceeds to offer several biblical definitions of godly fear. He concludes with explanation of how this attitude of reverence for God is the most basic and fundamental virtue of a meaningful and productive life.
Length 51 mins
On Sunday 9/30/18, Elder Michael Gowens led our congregation in consideration of the emotionally-charged narrative of Jesus' agony in Gethsemane, as recorded in Matthew 26:36-46. As the Savior anticipated the monumental task before Him, he felt tremendous pressure within His soul. There is no clearer evidence of our Lord's true humanity in all of Holy Scripture than here. And there is no greater incentive to pray when we too face the pressures of life than the knowledge that our heavenly Priest can empathize with our grief, anguish and dread.
Length 49 mins
In this 10/21/18 sermon, Elder Michael Gowens summarizes the recent study of Ecclesiastes by considering "the Preacher's" own reflection recorded in Ecclesiastes 12:9-12. Although much of the book exposes the vanity and futility of life without God, the Preacher wisely continues to teach the word of God. He knows that teaching the knowledge of God from Scripture is not in vain: "Because the preacher was wise, he still taught the people knowledge." This summary passage reminds us that a life spent in service to the Lord is not in vain, and that those who seek answers to life's many questions will find them in one place alone, the Book of books.
Length 48 mins
Message number three in the four part series "Themes from Ecclesiastes" looks at Ecclesiastes chapters four through seven. Elder Mike Gowens begins this 9/9/18 message in Ecclesiates 7:1-10, a passage that repeats one of the key words of the book - the word "better." Though most people pursue "the good life," the Preacher asserts that such a life in this world of trouble and sorrow is an optical illusion. Instead, he urges his young auditors to "the better life," a life marked by contentment with the necessities of life, and a life that values relationships above riches. With God at the center, life can truly be "better." 
Length 51 mins
Elder Michael Gowens' sermon on 9/2/18 focuses on the familiar passage in Ecclesiastes 3:1-15: "To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven..." The passage teaches that change is inevitable in every person's life. It also stresses that joy is available in the midst of life's changing scenes when the believer looks at life with a sharp focus on God and His glory. With this perspective of faith, life is seen as God's gift, and the simplest and most common tasks bring immense fulfillment and happiness.
Length 51 mins
On Sunday 9/23/18, Elder Michael Gowens interrupted his mini-series in Ecclesiastes to bring a pastoral message of comfort based on Job 1:20-21. With worship canceled the previous Sunday due to the arrival of Hurricane Florence, the stresses of cleanup in the lives of our church membership, and the news of the unexpected death of one of our beloved church members since we last met together, Job's response to the calamities that befell him seemed especially appropriate for this occasion. 
Length 48 mins
In this 8/17/18 sermon, Elder Mike Gowens looks at the narrative of the man born blind in John 9. Jesus had just taught the people that He is the Light of the world (cf. 8:12). Now, he illustrates the significance of that title by dispelling the darkness in this man's life. It was a life-changing gift of grace. The Pharisees, however, were not nearly so happy, and excommunicated the man from the synagogue. The courageous and joyful man, however, was undeterred by the fear of man. He refused to live under the burden of legalism, for Jesus had transformed his life. Though he didn't know much at first, he knew one thing very well: "Whereas I was blind, now I see." And this new believer found a warm welcome among the followers of the Lord Jesus Christ. 
Length 51 mins
On Sunday 8/12/18, Elder Michael Gowens looks at Luke 4:16-31 and the first recorded public sermon Jesus delivered in his hometown synagogue at Nazareth. Jesus' message of sovereign grace angered the proud townsfolk in Nazareth, but it was truly  good news to the Lord's humble poor elsewhere in his travels. Sovereign grace is still considered "the gospel" by those who know themselves to be poor and needy sinners.
Length 52 mins
Pastor Mike Gowens' 8/26/18 sermon looks at Ecclesiastes 1-2 and the basic human quest for significance and meaning in life. After painting the pessimistic portrait of life without God, Gowens shows that all of life is supremely meaningful when God is factored into the equation of human existence. Especially for the Christian who believes in the risen Lord, life is rich with purpose and significance. Because Christ lives, labor in His name is never futile and vain. 
Length 55 mins
In this 8/5/18 sermon, Elder Michael Gowens looks at three primary passages of Scripture in which the apostle Paul discusses the gifts of the Spirit: Romans 12, 1 Corinthians 12, and Ephesians 4. Each passage develops the "body" metaphor of Church-life, and each emphasizes the important Pauline emphasis of "every member ministry" in the body of Christ.
Length 55 mins
Guest preacher Elder Mike Ivey (TX) takes us to Matthew 13 in this final service of our July 2018 5th Weekend Meeting. Each of these parables highlights a particular characteristic of the kingdom of God. Once again, Elder Ivey brings his characteristically fresh, insightful and substantive approach to the interpretation of this important passage of holy scripture.
Length 44 mins
In the Saturday evening (7/28/18) session of our 5th Weekend Meeting, visiting minister Elder Michael Ivey continued his exposition of 1 Corinthians 15. This message covers verses 20 through 52, and focuses on the resoration of the imago Dei at the resurrection.
Length 45 mins
The Doctrine of Adoption
Saved by the Hope of Resurrection
Tears in God's Bottle
Elder Mike Gowens' sermon on 7/22/18 draws from the interesting metaphor of an old-fashioned tear-bottle (or lachrymatory) in Psalm 56:8. The metaphor suggests the comforting thought that God marks, collects and remembers the tears of his children in this world. Of course, life in this world presents ample occasion to shed tears. But how wonderful it is to anticipate a heavenly world in which every tear will be wiped away. Until then, our merciful Father in heaven has provided a cloth to dry our many tears by means of the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ and the precious promises of His word.
Length 51 mins
On Saturday afternoon, 7/28/18, guest minister Elder Mike Ivey (TX) brought an excellent sermon from 1 Corinthians 15:1-19. He demonstrates the logical case Paul makes in this chapter for the bodily resurrection of Christ, and for the coming event of our resurrection at the Savior's glorious return. As we wait in the meantime for the final resurrection of our bodies, we may be saved from despair as we anticipate the glory that awaits us at that triumphant day.
Length 34 mins
Elder Mike Ivey was our guest minister during the July 2018 Fifth Weekend Meeting. This message from the initial service on Friday evening, July 27, was based on Ephesians 1:5. Elder Ivey explains the intriguing history of the Roman adoption process, then looks at the references to this concept in the Pauline epistles of Ephesians, Galatians and Romans to make application to the gracious gift of adoption into God's family.
Length 45 mins
In the 7/15/18 sermon, Elder Mike Gowens looks at Paul's Damascus Road encounter with the risen Christ, recorded in Acts 9:1-9. After working through the details of the narrative, Gowens highlights the expression at the end of verse 5, "It is hard for thee to kick against the pricks," showing that depraved sinners, like Saul, are involved in a long war against the God of heaven. This spirit of resistance and rebellion against the Lord, however, is no match for the supernatural power of Divine grace. The story of everyone who has been conquered by such power, whether or not they share an experience as dramatic as Paul's, is "Where sin abounded, grace did much more abound." 
Length 48 mins
On Sunday 7/8/18, Elder Michael Gowens looks at Acts 7:54-60 and the account of Stephen's dying testimony. In the middle of the greatest trauma of his life, Stephen found help and strength by means of a special blessing. He was granted a sight of the risen Christ in His ascended glory and majesty, and the triumphant reality he witnessed so completely superseded the tragedy of his present circumstances that his presence was almost angelic. Subsequent accounts of faithful martyrs in Christian history duplicate Stephen's narrative so that we may safely say that Christ gives special assistance to His people when the world turns against them.
Length 51 mins
Pastor Michael Gowens looks at 1 Corinthians 13 in this 7/1/18 sermon. More than a mere feeling or emotion, biblical love is a way of behaving toward another person. Paul's divinely inspired description of charity, or love in action, stands in stark contrast to the way the Corinthians were behaving toward each other. If we want fulfilling, lasting and God-honoring relationships, whether in marriage or in the church, it is imperative that we rediscover the priority of Biblical love.
Length 45 mins
In the evening service of our 6/24/18 Communion Meeting, Elder Marty Smith (GA) took his text from James 3:10-11. He begins the message by addressing the importance of godly speech and a passion for peace. Then, he proceeds to distinguish between the life we are to love and a life we are to abandon for Christ and his gospel. 
Length 28 mins
We were thankful to have Elder Marty Smith (GA) with us as the guest minister during our 2018 Communion Meeting. His first message on Saturday afternoon, 6/24/18, is based on Abigail's counsel to David in 1 Samuel 25:29. When God's child is cognizant of the rich blessings bestowed upon him from a loving God, he has incentive to resist the urge to retaliate against those who have wronged him.
Length 50 mins
In the concluding service of our Communion Meeting (Sunday, 6/25/18), Elder Marty Smith (GA) expounds Romans 1:1-8. He contrasts Paul's comments in verse 8 ("Your faith is spoken of throughout the whole world") with Acts 28:22 ("...for as concerning this sect, we know that every where it is spoken against."), showing that the world's opinion of those who believe in the Lord Jesus Christ is frequently the very opposite of the Lord's assessment. It is preferable to have God's endorsement rather than man's approval and applause.
Length 43 mins
In this message from June 3, 2018, Michael Gowens considers the juxtaposition of two stories in Luke 10:25-42--the parable of the Good Samaritan and the account of Jesus' visit to the home of Mary and Martha for supper. This passage defines the parameters of the important principle of "neighbor love."
Length 51 mins
On Father's Day 2018 (6/17), Elder Michael Gowens takes an intensive look at the story of one father's internal battle as he seeks help for his afflicted son, recorded in Mark 9:14-29. This sermon focuses on the profound admission of need in verse 24: "Lord, I believe; but help thou mine unbelief." Pastor Gowens insists that this plea for help is the reality in which each of us lives--a reality in which both genuine faith and grievous fear coexist in the heart. How wonderful to know that we have a heavenly Helper in the Lord Jesus Christ, who is able both to remedy the maladies that concern us, and to strengthen our own frail faith! 
Length 45 mins
In this 6/10/18 sermon, Elder Michael Gowens explores the Song of Solomon 2:2-5 as an illustration of the mutual love relationship that exists between Christ and His bride, the church. The message is premised on the principle that building a husband/wife relationship on the two-dimensional model of Christ's love for the church and her loving admiration for Him is the secret to a successful, God-honoring conjugal love.
Length 47 mins
On Sunday 5/20/18, Elder Michael Gowens expounded Psalm 146, the first of the "Hallelujah Psalms" in the Psalter. This Psalm was the basis of the familiar hymn by Isaac Watts, entitled "I'll Praise My Maker While I've Breath." It develops a pertinent contrast between frail and fallible man and the sovereign, covenant-keeping God as an object of hope and trust. Pastor Gowens builds his message around this startling contrast, urging believers to cease to look to man as a source of help and to discover the blessedness of a life of total dependance on the One who alone is able to satisfy man's need.
Length 52 mins
In this 4/29/18 sermon, Elder Michael Gowens looks at the familiar narrative in 1 Samuel 17 concerning David's victory over Goliath. Without question, this legendary battle is the premier example of the ancient practice of "single combat" or, if you will, "champion warfare." As such, it foreshadows the cross, when David's greater son represented His elect in the most significant of all battles and singlehandedly won a decisive victory over the enemy of sin. Here, in this well-known account from Jewish history, we discover one of the clearest proclamations of the gospel in the pages of the Old Testament.
Length 46 mins
Elder Mike Gowens' text on Sunday, 4/22/18, was taken from Ephesians 6:10-18, the premier passage in the New Testament on the important theme of "spiritual warfare." The believer, merely by virtue of his relationship to Jesus Christ, is engaged in a battle. Gowens outlines the scope of this conflict in terms of a three-fold assault from the world, the flesh and the devil. This triple enemy presents a significant challenge to every Christian who seeks to live faithfully to Christ. But our Captain has already won the war, and through Him, we too may also find the resources needed to survive in this good fight of faith.
Length 31 mins
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